Industry partners are encouraged to provide Innopolis University master’s students with real projects so that they work on them in the framework of their education track.

MSIT-SE project description

The MSIT Project is the capstone demonstration by the student of their abilities as a software engineer. The purpose of the MSIT Project is for students to demonstrate command of the material learned in the core and electives courses they have taken.

Typically MSIT-SE project may be completed in very small teams of no more than five people. All member of the team must have completed the core courses in the MSIT program.

The steps for the MSIT Project are

  1. Propose a project. This will take the form of a formal document and will be considered the first deliverable of the project. The proposal must include 
    • an executive summary
    • a definition of the work to be completed, including
      • deliverables
      • timelines
      • reviews
      • final report
    • Innopolis University mentor
    • a proposal of how you want the grade to be generated from the MSIT Project material

2. Discuss the project. Discussions will take place with the student's faculty mentor and pertinent work supervisor
3. Receive approval. Approval usually occurs after all parties involved have agreed on the proposal and deliverables, clarified issues that may have arisen in the proposal process, and contact between the mentor and the advisor has occurred. Approval must be in writing from the Innopolis University faculty mentor
4. Begin the project. Students are to report periodically to their faculty mentor
5. Deliver a report that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the technique in the chosen domain, and relate what went both well and poorly throughout the MSIT Project experience.

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