If you do not find answers to your questions below, please contact the International Affairs Department.
E-mail: international@innopolis.university.

Who can participate?

If your Home university (the institution in which you are originally enrolled) currently has a bilateral exchange agreement with Innopolis University, you are eligible for participation in the exchange program. For more information, please contact the International Relations Office of your home university. If your home university is not a partner of Innopolis University, we will be glad to review your application as a free mover. For further information on ‘free mover’ exchange opportunity, please contact the International Relations Office of your home university and the International Affairs Department of Innopolis University (international@innopolis.university).

Exchange students are required to be regular full-time students registered in the undergraduate or graduate course at their Home institution. They must have completed at least one year of Bachelor’s degree studies or one semester of Master’s degree studies at the Home institution prior to the exchange period.

How do I apply?

Candidates for exchange opportunity must get approval from their Home Universities. Then a Home university sends profiles of approved candidates to the International Affairs Department of Innopolis University (international@innopolis.university).

If your Home university is not a partner of Innopolis University, you still can participate in exchange as a free mover, please contact the International Affairs Department of Innopolis University.

What are financial responsibilities of incoming students?

Incoming students from the partner universities are free from paying tuition fees at IU, however they are responsible for all other personal expenses as accommodation, traveling, visa, health insurance, food, books etc.

Incoming students studying at Innopolis University as free movers pay the tuition fees in full.

Will IU provide placement at university dormitories to incoming students?

Yes, IU offers on-campus accommodation to all incoming students for 2500 Rubles (approx. 35 Euros) per month. Incoming students are free to look for the off-campus accommodation.

Price and availability of dormitories are subject to change.

Cost of living?

In general terms, living in Innopolis and Kazan is way cheaper than in Moscow. Please, find detailed description of costs of living in Kazan here. The exchange period will cost you much less if you choose university dormitories as a place of accommodation. Current price of a shared room is 2,500 Rubles (approx. 35 Euros) per month.

Where will I eat in Innopolis?

There are several options for students. Firstly, there is a University canteen where you can eat for a reasonable price. Secondly, student dormitories have fully furnished kitchens. You can buy required products in the local shop and cook by yourself. There are also some alternative options as the canteen in the nearby Innopolis Technological park or cafe at Innopolis University.

What can I do in my leisure time in Kazan?

Innopolis is a satellite city of Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan is a big multinational city with the population of over 1 million people. It has a rich 1000-years long history. Everyone can find something to satisfy personal interests and hobbies. You may find many attractive places to visit on Trip Advisor website.

How will I get to Kazan if I live at the University campus?

The main way of transportation from Innopolis to Kazan and back is Innopolis-Kazan bus (so called «Shuttle»). It runs between the two cities regularly and will bring you directly to the Kazan city centre for 100-150 Rubles (approx. 2 Euros). You can also order a taxi that will take you one way for around 600 Rubles (approx. 8.5 Euros). An alternative option is a local car sharing company. Innopolis is situated 35 km far from the Kazan city centre.

Do I need to learn the Russian language to participate in exchange?

English is an official language of instruction at Innopolis University, and all courses are taught in English. You do not need to know Russian language for studies and everyday communication at Innopolis University, but we recommend to start learning it. 

When do the Fall and Spring semesters start?

The Fall semester starts in the middle of August.

The Spring semester starts in the middle of January.

Who will be teaching at Innopolis University?

Innopolis University is proud to have a truly international team of faculty members representing leading global schools. You may learn more about our academic staff on the IU website. 

Where can I find a course catalogue for an exchange period?

To obtain the catalogue please contact the International and Academic Cooperation office.

What number of credits can I take per semester?

One semester of study at IU corresponds to 30 credits. It means that incoming students can take courses worth 30 credits (6 credits per core course and 3 per elective).

Do I have to provide TOEFL or IELTS certificate?

Innopolis University does not require to have such certificates in case if:

  • English is your first language
  • You are undertaking Degree studies in the medium of English
  • You have other testimonials of your English proficiency

Do I need a visa to come to IU as an exchange student?

Visa requirements differ depending on a country. Please contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country to get detailed information regarding visa requirements.

Will IU provide incoming students with a transcript of records for the exchange period?

Yes, after completing the exchange semester IU will provide a transcript of records to the partner university.

If you do not find answers to your questions below, please contact the International Affairs Department.
E-mail: international@innopolis.university.

How to start?

First, we suggest you to study the information on the official IU website. You will learn about the exchange system and have an opportunity to choose a university you would like to apply to. If you have any additional questions, please contact the International and Academic Cooperation office of Innopolis University.

Who can I contact?

To learn more about exchange programs, please contact the International Affairs Department of Innopolis University: international@innopolis.university.

How to find financial aid?

First, please, keep in mind that exchange students are free from any tuition fees at a host university. However, any additional expenses (accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.) should be covered from the personal funds of a student.

Nevertheless, there is a wide range of scholarships and grants to cover an exchange student’s expenses in part or in full. Independent search will help you to find additional financial opportunities to support your participation in the exchange program. In particular, we advise you to browse pages like “scholarships”, “funding opportunities”, “financial aid” etc. on the websites of our partner universities.

Recommendation Letter: what is it and how to write it?

Recommendation Letter is a reference from your current or previous place of study or work that proves your knowledge, skills and expertise. Speaking of Innopolis University, you can address any of the faculty members and request such a letter. Certain universities require several references from different recommending persons. A Recommendation Letter shall be written in a free form. However, usually it has the following structure:

  • For how long or since when and in which capacity have you known the applicant (student, employee, etc.)?
  • What makes the applicant different from others in professional and personal terms and how would you evaluate his/her potential?
  • Please, evaluate the applicant according to the following features as compared to other students/ employees (0 – poor, 5 – excellent):
    • intellectual abilities
    • diligence
    • motivation
    • emotional maturity
  • additional information about the applicant, his/her advantages and achievements.

The letter shall be signed by the referee and sealed with the official seal of the university. Providing contact details of the referee is mandatory.

Motivation letter: what is it and how to write it?

Motivation Letter (or Statement of Intent) is a document demonstrating your interest in the academic exchange program. By this letter you are to illustrate why you are interested in the chosen university and the relevant program. Along with the Recommendation Letter, it shall be written in a free form. Working on your motivation letter, avoid using general phrases. Focus on particular reasons supporting your interest. The text shall not exceed one page. It is not recommended to copy letters that are in the open access since they are too general. Try to avoid replicating the information from your CV in the Motivation Letter. See the example.

What makes a good CV?

A good CV shall contain the following sections: personal data and contact details; education; work experience; academic and professional achievements; language proficiency; special knowledge and skills; extra courses and trainings, advanced education; certificates and diplomas; personal qualities; additional information.

Academic Record: where does it come from? How to get it translated?

Contact the Department of Student Affairs, Support and Development of Innopolis University to get your Academic Record.

How can I prove my achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities?

To prove your achievements, please provide supporting documents: diplomas, certificates, etc. The documents shall be translated into English.

Study Plan: how to prepare it? What is it for?

To prepare the study plan it is necessary to examine the educational program you have chosen for the exchange period and the list of courses very carefully. Based on this information, make a sample list of courses (plan), that you are going to take during the exchange period. The study plan shall reveal how the chosen program and its courses corresponds to your academic program at IU. The study plan shall be approved by the Department of Education.

How to get visa and medical insurance?

Students shall arrange visa and medical insurance independently. However, they can contact the International Relations Office for consultations. All the relevant expenses are to be covered by the exchange student. Medical insurance shall be valid on the territory of the selected country and cover the whole period of study abroad.

When can you go?

Bachelor’s degree students that during the exchange period will be studying on their 4th, 6th, and 7th semesters as well as Master’s degree students on their 2nd and 3rd semesters.

Will I receive a scholarship during the exchange period?

If Innopolis University approves your study plan, you will continue receiving scholarship during the exchange period.

What is the procedure of credit transfer?

According to academic exchange rules, credits obtained during the exchange period are transferred to home university. Preliminary approval of the study plan for the exchange period will help to avoid possible complications. Upon completion of the exchange program, host university will provide Innopolis University with a certificate confirming your participation in a program and containing details of your academic performance (including obtained credits).

How to choose accommodation?

Unfortunately, partner universities cannot guarantee accommodation on their campuses due to a large number of exchange students. Nevertheless, a host university can provide you with the full information support so that you could find appropriate housing.

What are the must-haves for a stay abroad?

Money, documents, including passport and visa; documents confirming your exchange student status; medical insurance. Documents confirming your status of an exchange student can be requested during passport control. For this reason, you should keep them with you. Also, it is recommended to have a laptop.

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