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Nikolay Shilov

Nikolay Shilov

Nikolay Shilov
  • PhD
    Novosibirsk State University, Russia
    Assistant professor
    Institute of Software Development and Engineering
    Lab of operating systems, programming languages and compilers construction
  • Education: Theoretical Computer Science
Nikolay had research positions in A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems (Russian Academy of Sciences) and visiting teaching/research positions at Sydney University of Technology (Australia), Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), University of Canterbury, Christchurch (New Zealand), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Chung-Ang University and Samsung Advanced technology Training Institute (South Korea). Since graduation Nikolay studies Theory of Programming and Applied Logic (in line with tradition founded by Andrey Ershov and Boris Trakhtenbrot). Currently his research interests are around foundations of Formal Methods and their application for analysis of program, information, distributed and multiagent systems.
  • Program Schemata Technique for Propositional Program Logics: A 30-Year History. Programming and Computer Software, v.42, n.4, 2016, p. 239–256. (with S.O. Shilova and A.Yu. Bernstain).
  • Teaching Formal Models of Concurrency Specification and Analysis. Modeling and Analysis of Information Systems, v.22, n.6, p.783-794..
  • Some Results on Multiagent Algorithms in Social Computing/Software Context. Information, v.17, n.1, 2014, p.229-240 (with Satykbayeva A.).
  • Verification of Backtracking and Branch and Bound Design Templates. Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, v.46, n.7, 2012, p.402–409..
  • Generation of verification conditions for imperative programs. Programming and Computer Software, v.34, n.6, 2008, p.307–321. (with Anureev I.S. and Bodin E.V.).
  • Update and Abstraction in Model Checking of Knowledge and Branching Time. Fundameta Informaticae, v.72, n.1-3, 2006, p.347-361 (with Garanina N. O. and Choe K.-M.).
  • Engaging Students with Theory through ACM Collegiate Programming Contests. Communications of ACM, v.45, n.9, 2002 (with Yi K.).
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