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Manuel Mazzara

Manuel Mazzara

Manuel Mazzara
  • PhD
    University of Bologna, Italy
    Associate Professor
    Director, Institute of Software Development and Engineering
    Head, Lab of Software and Service Engineering
  • Education: Computer Science
  • Institute: Technologies and Software Development
  • University Role: Director of Institute
Manuel Mazzara achieved his Masters in 2002 and his Ph.D in 2006 at the University of Bologna. During 2000 he was a Technical Assistant at Computer Science Laboratories (Bologna, Italy). In 2003 he worked as Software Engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, USA). In 2004 and 2005 he worked as a free lance consultant and teacher in Italy. In 2006 Manuel Mazzara was an assistant professor at the University of Bolzano (Italy) and in 2007 a researcher and project manager at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria). From 2008 to 2012 Manuel worked in Newcastle University on the DEPLOY project. This project involved several partners Europe-wide with 4 of them coming from the most varied industrial scenarios: Bosch, Siemens, SAP and Space Finland. The objective was deploying software engineering techniques into the industrial process to guarantee stronger products reliability. In 2012 Manuel also served as a Computer Scientist at UNU-IIST in Macao while still being with Newcastle as a Visiting Researcher. Manuel worked on the automatization of the immunization process for third world countries and on e-health and sustainability projects related to the UN “Agenda 21”. In 2013/14 he also worked on remote assistance and telemedicine domotics tools with Polytechnic of Milan and as a teaching fellow at the same university before joining Innopolis and visiting ETH.

PhD and Postdocs:

Leonard Johard

Larisa Safina
  • Temporal Logic: Model checking and verification of self-* systems
  • E-health: Software engineering for global health, immunization support, telemedicine, remote assistance
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration: Modeling and verification of reconfigurable workflows, security aspects
  • Trust and Social Networks: Trust Ranking, Algorithms
  • Dependability : Dependable systems, Software Reliability Theory
  • Concurrency : small Mobile Process Calculi, Rely/guarantee reasoning
  • Web Services Composition: Web Services Technologies, Foundations of WS Composition, WS-BPEL and WS-CDL, Re- covery Framework of Composition Languages, Semantic Discovery, Semantic Composition
  • Methods: Methods for Deriving Specifications, Agile Methods and Extreme Programming
  • Software Engineering: Software Metrics, Component-based development, Software Environments for Costs Detec- tion, Quality Improvement in Enterprises
  • Requirements: Problem Frames approach
  • BPM: Business Processes, Business to Business Integration, Long Running Transactions for B2B
  • Standard Data types for pilike Calculi,XML Data Types for the picalculus,Query Languages for Semistructured Data
  • Automotive : Software engineering and methods for automotive systems
  • Architectural Styles: Service Oriented Architectures and Microservices
  • Affective Computing: Neurobiology-inspired models and architectures for Affective Computing
  • Data types: Standard Data types for pi-like Calculi, XML Data Types for the pi-calculus, Query Languages for Semistructured Data
  • Roberto Lucchi, Manuel Mazzara. A π-calculus based semantics for WS-BPEL - Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming (JLAP) . 2007.
  • Manuel Mazzara, Roberto Lucchi. Framework for Generic Error Handling in Business Processes - 1st International Workshop on Web Services and Formal Methods. 2004. Pisa, Italy.
  • Manuel Mazzara, Ivan Lanese. Towards a Unifying Theory for Web Services Composition - 3rd International Workshop on Web Services and Formal Methods. 2006. Vienna, Austria.
  • Claudio Guidi, Roberto Lucchi and Manuel Mazzara. Formal Framework for Web Services Coordination - 3rd International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures. 2004. London, UK.
  • Manuel Mazzara, Sergio Govoni . Case Study of Web Services Orchestration - Seventh International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages. 2005. Namur, Belgium.
  • Manuel Mazzara and Anirban Bhattacharyya . Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Reconfiguration of Dependable Real-Time Systems - DEPEND International Conference on Dependability. 2010. Venice, Italy.
  • Mazzara M.. LTL-based verification of reconfigurable workflows. Applied Mathematical Sciences, Volume 8, Hikari Ltd.. 8581-8600. 2014.
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