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Eugene Zuev

Eugene Zuev

Eugene Zuev
  • PhD
    Moscow State University, Russia
    Senior Professor of Practice
    Institute of Software Development and Engineering
    Lab of operating systems, programming languages and compilers construction
  • Education: Computer Science
Eugene Zouev graduated from the Computer Science Department of Moscow State University and got his doctoral degree (PhD) there in 1999. He worked in a number of research and development institutions, at Moscow University and in some other universities and companies abroad. For many years, he gave lectures and did research at Moscow University and in several reputable European universities, such as ETH Zurich (2000-2006) and EPFL Lausanne (2009-2010). E. Zouev ran a number of successful research and industrial software projects in the area of programming languages and compilers (C++ and Zonnon compilers are among them). Currently, he is working as a principal engineer (Samsung range R7) at Samsung Research & Development Center, Moscow. E.Zouev also provides consultancy services for some companies and participates in a few research projects (in particular, at London Metropolitan University, England). He is the author of a number of books in the area of software development.
  • Programming Languages’ Semantics
  • Compiler design and implementation
  • Principles of Compiler’s APIs implementation
  • Program static analysis
  • E. Zouev. Rare Profession, Or How to Build a Compiler . DMK-Press. 2014. Moscow.
  • M.Odersky. Programming in Scala (2nd Edition). Artima. 2015.
  • E.Zouev. Semantic APIs for Programming Languages, 6th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering . Software Engineering Conference (CEE-SECR). 2010. Moscow, Russia.
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