Kirill Semenikhin


Department of University Development

Aliya Samatova

Human Resources Office

Industry Relations Office

Timur Tsiunchuk

Faculty Recruitment and Support Office

Regina Khakimova

Protocol and Records Management Office

Adil Adelshin

Events management office

Department of Administrative Policy and IT Support

Anatoly Lysov

Liliya Simonova

Financial Office

Alexey Zakharov

Technical Office

Ayrat Salakhov

Information Technology Office

Anvar Nuriev


Alexey Grigoriev

Software Engineering Management office

Andrey Romanovskiy

Accommodation Office

Vyacheslav Mikhailov

Entrepreneurship Activities Office

Alexander Dolgoborodov

Centre for Specialized IT Training

Department of Student Affairs, Enrollment and Admission

Sergei Masiagin

Olga Kornienko

Subject-oriented Academic Competitions Office

Aleksey Khabibullin

Project-oriented Academic Competitions Office

Olga Kornienko


Department of Project, Science and Research Affairs

Iskander Bariev

Irek Azizov

Funding Resource Office

Zurab Otarashvili

Grants Management Office

Rustam Ibragimov

Centre for Modeling and Analysis of Big Data in Finance and Economy

Konstantin Igudesman

Centre for Automation of Business Processes

Public Relations Office

Timur Fazullin

Legal Office

Daniya Safina

Aleksey Sazykin

Education Quality Assurance Office

Education Authorities Relations Office

Rinat Khaziev

Alexander Tormasov


Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Giancarlo Succi

Institute of Technologies and Software Development

Manuel Mazzara

Director of the Institute of Technologies and Software Development

Giancarlo Succi

Industrial Production of Software lab

Bertrand Meyer

Software Engineering Lab

Manuel Mazzara

Software Design, Models and Architectures Lab

Master’s Degree Program in Software Engineering

Institute of Information Systems

Alberto Sillitti

Director of the Institute of Information Systems

Joseph Alexander Brown

Artificial Intelligence in Games Laboratory

Vadim Malyshev

Cloud Systems and Service Virtualization Lab

Adil Khan

Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation Lab

Qiang Qu

Data Science and Information Systems Lab

Master’s degree program in Secure Systems and Network Engineering

Alberto Sillitti

Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Yaroslav Kholodov

Intelligent Transport Systems Lab

Joo Young Lee

Network Science and Information Technology Lab

Institute of Robotics

Director of the Institute of Robotics

Alexandr Klimchik

Intelligent Robotic Systems Laboratory (LIRS)

Cognitive Robotic Systems Lab

Department of Academic Affairs

Sergei Masiagin

Elmira Shimchik

International and Academic Cooperation Office

Yuriy Dyuster

Office of Student Affairs, Support and Development

Dmitry Krasnikhin

Enrollment and Admission Office

Oksana Zhirosh

Office of Educational Projects

Education Quality Assurance Office

Undergraduate Programs

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