Intellectual driving force

Innopolis University is a Russian higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics.


Year of establishment. Signing an Agreement on Cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University.


First selection of students for the program of the partner university.

Annual Report

Four new laboratories. License to deliver higher education programs. First selection of students for the programs developed by Innopolis University.

Annual Report

Relocation to a new campus in Innopolis city. First large-scale selection of students. 7 new laboratories.

Annual Report

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and three intuitions were formed, 2 new laboratories and 3 research centres were created. Vocational education programs were introduced: Centre for Career Development, Centre for Special IT Training, and IT Business Module

Annual Report


81 faculty members
from all over the world

Innopolis University employs professors and researchers from the world's leading universities:

Carnegie Mellon University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Republic of Korea), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), EURECOM (France) etc.

We apply the best educational practices, thus creating our own methodology.

12 113

Applications received in 2017


Students enrolled


Grant policy is among the top priorities of Innopolis University:we provide our students with financial support to release them and their parents from tuition fees.

Our applicants take online tests in IT and English. Besides, they are carefully interviewed by our faculty members and industry representatives.


The educational process at Innopolis University is based on the best international programs and Russian teaching methodologies.

Specific focus area allows Innopolis University to involve industry experts in the educational process, thus keeping programs up-to-date.


16 international partner universities



Students and graduates of Innopolis University are involved in cutting-edge research and development under supervision of reputed professors and experienced researchers considering the demands of our industry partners.

Programs of Innopolis University foresee intensive combination of fundamental and practical courses, and internships in companies starting from the very beginning of studies.

13 laboratories and 7 centres in operation


Innopolis University integrates Science, Education and Business.

Innopolis University was established for the benefit of industry. Partner companies are involved in development and adjustment of academic programs, determination of research areas, selection of students, internships and employment of our graduates.


31 158 sq.m

Area of the research and academic building

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35 344 sq.m

Total area of 4 campus buildings

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9 000 sq.m

Area of the sports venue

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Smart Infrastructure

Convenient classrooms for lectures and teamwork help our students to focus on their studies. In the sports complex with a swimming pool, gym and sports facilities they can attend group and individual trainings under supervision of coaches. Spacious rooms of the four campus buildings are equipped with all necessary items for comfortable living.


Daily routine at Innopolis University is full of interesting events.

The University hosts festivals, conferences, open lectures given by representatives of the high-tech industry on a regular basis.

7 000

Schoolchildren successfully completed STEM-programs

13 000

Involved in the pre-university education system


As part of the STEM-program, Innopolis University offers pre-university training for school graduates. The program includes a profound course in Educational Robotics, Mathematics and Physics, encourages teamwork and solution of practical tasks. The University team organizes academic competitions in Mathematics, Informatics, Programming, and Robotics.

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